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Company History

Prior to establishing dmA, Wendy Donovan and Jim Morgenstern were principals responsible for recreation and library studies and municipal strategic planning in another multi-disciplinary consulting firm. In 1998 we elected to focus our energies exclusively in our core areas of practice and established dmA. For the next ten years, Wendy, Jim and a small group of dedicated professional staff established dmA’s reputation as one of the premier recreation and library consulting firms in Canada. During this time, we called Toronto our home and most of our clients were in the Province of Ontario. However, as a highly specialized consulting practice, we were increasingly working on recreation and library projects elsewhere in Canada and in the United States. In 2007 we decided to establish a permanent base in Atlantic Canada and moved our main office to Wolfville Nova Scotia while maintaining staff and associates in Ontario. Since that time we have built a solid base of new clients throughout Atlantic Canada while continuing to work closely with our former clients in Ontario.

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Wendy Donovan, MA, Principal

My career in recreation began with a BA and MA in Recreation and Leisure Studies from the University of Waterloo. This was followed by approximately 15 years with various municipal recreation departments in roles that included community development, director of recreation, and recreation planner. I am a Past President of the Society of Directors of Municipal Recreation of Ontario (SDMRO), a member of the team that created Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO), and was a member of the founding Board of the (Leisure) Lifestyle Information Network. In 1995 I made the transition from being a municipal recreation planner to planning recreation for municipalities when I became a consultant. Following dmA’s move to Nova Scotia I served on the Board of Directors of Recreation Nova Scotia (RNS) for two years. I bring to my consulting activities a strong understanding of municipal operations, financial analysis and political processes. For my own recreation, I am an avid gardener, love to walk and bicycle, feed the birds, and a volunteer in my community.

Jim Morgenstern MES, MCIP, Principal

After completing my BA and MES at York University in 1977, I started a small consulting company in association with others from the university. The company was focused on the social dimensions of planning – including parks and recreation, community service delivery, social impact assessment, work with First Nation communities and public involvement programs. Since the late ‘70’s I have worked with communities across Ontario, and more recently Atlantic Canada, to prepare a wide variety of planning and policy studies. In the mid 90’s, about the time that dmA was created, I started to work with the Ontario Library community. “The Libraries Contribution to Your Community” which I prepared for the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) remains a significant document used by libraries across Canada and throughout the United States. As the Principal responsible for dmA's library planning as well as many of dmA’s recreation studies I am a frequent speaker at conferences. I have had the pleasure of guiding library boards through the difficult challenge of facility consolidation and developing innovative service partnerships. I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with municipalities, YMCAs and educational institutions to structure strong and productive joint use agreements for major facilities. In my own leisure time I like to cook, and enjoy nothing better than a good book on my front porch.  

Associates and Partner Consultants

In many of our planning studies we work closely with a select number of sub consultants and other long time associates. These long term relationships broaden our planning services and provide our clients with an efficient and effective consulting team.

A number of the pictures featured in our website are from projects where dmA was the planning consultant and other professionals provided architectural, landscape architectural or management consulting services. While we work with a variety of sub-consultants, we have strong and long-term relationships with those noted here. We have formed a partnership with Dysart Jones to work on library strategic planning and management projects. In Ontario, we have worked with WGD Architects and Chamberlain Architectural Services for many years on library and recreation feasibility studies. We have a similar relationship with Sperry Partners in Atlantic Canada. Sagehouse Design provides us with landscape architectural services in Nova Scotia.

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